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The GenMAPP Data Acquisition Tool, or Downloader, is an interface for retrieving GenMAPP accessory data from The types of data available for download are Gene Databases, MAPPs and example Expression Datasets, for supported species.

Using the Downloader

The Downloader is accessible through the GenMAPP program, under Data>Download Data from In order to use the Downloader, you will need a functioning internet connection.

To get data using the Downloader, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open GenMAPP and select Data > Download Data from from the Drafting Board Menu. The Downloader window will open:

    The status of your internet connection will be displayed in the lower left corner.

  2. Browse for your data of interest in the upper left corner of the Downloader. Files are organized into folders by type (Gene Databases, MAPPs and Expression Datasets) and by species.
  3. The files available in each folder will be displayed in the upper right corner. To select a file, check the checkbox next to the file. The file will now appear in the Download Queue.
  4. To change the download destination, click on the Change button next to each of the default Download Destination Locations. You can then browse to your preferred download location.

Note: This only changes the download destination of the compressed archive file. Once the download is complete, the archive will self-extract to a default location. If you wish to change the final location of files, for example MAPP files, change the extraction destination at step 6 below.

  1. Start the download process by clicking the Start button. A window will appear showing the progress of the download.

  1. Once the download is complete, a window will open prompting you to complete the extraction of the file being downloaded. At this point, you can choose to alter the destination for the extracted files by browsing to the desired location in the folder browser included in the PKSFX window.

Advanced Options

The Downloader has several advanced settings for server and download preferences. These are available under Options>Advanced.

Delete Compressed Files After Extracting Contents

Accessory files are packaged as self-extracting archives that will extract automatically once download is complete. The default setting is to delete the compressed file after download. If you want to keep the compressed file, uncheck the Delete Compressed Files After Extracting Contents option.

Automatically Overwrite Existing Data Files

If checked, the option to Automatically Overwrite Existing Data Files will delete any compressed file originally present in your download folder, if the Delete Compressed Files After Extracting Contents is unchecked.

Download Options

The Downloader default setting is to only look for files on a preferred server. When Downloader is launched, it selects a preferred server based on speed. To change the preferred server, click on one of the servers listed in the Available Servers list, then click the Set as Preferred button. It is recommended that you select the server that is located closest to you. Any changes will take effect the next time Downloader is launched.

 It is also possible to change the default behavior to look for files on all available servers, by checking the Look for Files on All Available Servers option. Since some servers may be geographically far away from your location, this may slow down the Downloader as well as the actual downloads.

If you are experiencing problems downloading from behind a firewall, you can force the Downloader to use HTTP protocol, which may remove download problems related to firewall issues. To do this, check the Force HTTP Downloading option.


If Downloader is giving you trouble, you can also manually download database, expression and MAPP files from this site.